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'Cowboy Nightmare' Featured on 2015 Greeley Stampede Poster

The bronze titled 'Cowboy Nightmare' won the Purchase Award at the 2014 Greeley Stampede Art Show and will be featured on the 2015 Greeley Stampede poster and in advertisements. 

The bronze depicts a cowboy's nightmare, namely a rodeo bull with a cowboy hat under his front hoof and the harness and bell on the ground (with the cowboy nowhere to be seen).The bronze was inspired by the bulls, cowboys and rodeos of Cheyenne Frontier Days.


Barajas among recipients of 2013 Governor's Art Awards

Gov. Matt Mead has announced the recipients of the 2013 Wyoming Governor's Arts Awards.

Guadalupe Barajas of Cheyenne, Babs Case of Jackson, Bruce Richardson and Norma Sturges of Casper, and the Bar J Wranglers of Wilson will be honored at the annual Governor's Arts Awards Gala on Feb. 28 at Little America in Cheyenne.

Barajas is best known for his monumental works of Wyoming wildlife. His sculptures of a herd of mule deer and a group of galloping antelope are just two of his 12 pieces located in Cheyenne. The work of this Wyoming native and retired are instructor has been exhibited all over the state.

Wyoming Tribune Eagle Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Cowboy Nightmare' Wins Purchase Award at
Greeley Stampede Art Show

The bronze of a bull titled 'Cowboy Nightmare' won the Purchase Award at the 2014 Greeley Stampede Art Show.  The bronze depicts a cowboy's nightmare, namely a rodeo bull with a cowboy hat under his front hoof and the harness and bell on the ground (with the cowboy nowhere to be seen).The bronze was inspired by the bulls, cowboys and rodeos of Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Joint Forces Readiness Center Welcomes "Unsung Heroes"



Unsung Heroes is on display on the 1st floor in front of the State Military Affairs Office


In 1991, the 51st Legislature of the State of Wyoming passed the Art in Public Buildings legislatoin. One percent of construction costs of new state-owned buildings is to be utilized for the purpose of placing artwork in the public setting.

Approximately $100,000 of state funds were spent on artwork to help beautify our public building and draw attention to the wealth of artist experience with our region.

Selection Committee Members include: Bob and Bev Holmes; Col. Shelley Campbell;Col. Tammy Maas; Connie Norman; David Newell; Chief Master Sgt. Doug Hensala; Doulas Shope; Col. Guy Beaudoin; Ibby Davis; Jaci Walker; Jamie Ciz; Larry Barttelbort; Phil Kiner; Rep. Pete Illoway; Stephen Walls; and Comman Sgt. Maj. Thomas Allen.

"Ancient Icons of the Plains"
Installed at Game and Fish Headquarters in Cheyenne

Guadalupe is honored to be the commissioned artist to complete a life size bronze for the entrance to the new Game and Fish Department Headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The  completed artwork was installed in June 2013.

Barajas was also presented with a proclamation by Mayor Rick Kaysen, honoring him for having 12 public works of art in the City of Cheyenne.

Click here
to enlarge

Guadalupe with Governor Mead
and Mayor Kaysen
Click here to read a letter
from Senator Enzi
Click here to read a letter
from Senator Barrasso

Sculpture by Cheyenne artist dedicated at Game and Fish Building

The dedication of a sculpture by Cheyenne artist Guadalupe Barajas at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Headquarters is the newest Wyoming Art in Public Buildings installment.

Viewing of the outdoor sculpture, "Ancient Monarchs of the Prairie," begins at 3p.m. on June 27. Gov. Matt Mead and other state officials will speak at 3:30p.m., followed by a reception in the lobby of the Game and Fish Headquarters, located at 5400 Bishop Blvd. The event is free and open to the public.

The sculpture was funded through the "1 Percent for Art" program passed by the Legislature in 1991, where one percent of construction cost of new state owned buildings is used to place artwork in public settings.

Additional private funding for the project was donated by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming and the Tri-State Chapter of Safari Club International.

For more information, contact Michael Shay with the Wyoming Arts Council at 777-5234

Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Saturday, July 15, 2013

"Late Again" Installed at Children's Village

Retired dentist Dr. Dan Allegretti and his wife, Leah, commissioned Guadalupe to create an enlargement of a bronze resembling the White Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland book. The bronze is a memorial to Dr. Allegretti's late parents and was installed at the Children's Village in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens this summer.

Barajas Wins ‘Best Sculpture’ Award at 2012 Western Spirit Art Show

Guadalupe was awarded ‘Best Sculpture’ at the 2012 Western Spirit Art Show & Sale, sponsored by Steil Surveying.  John and Kathy Steil presented Guadalupe with the award and placed a blue ribbon on his sculpture titled ‘Defiance’ (see photo on the Work In Progress page). 


Please see the In the News link to see some of Guadalupe’s newest buffalo creations. As a sculptor, wildlife and Native Americans have always been his focus. One of his proudest accomplishments was the bronze of ‘Tatanka’ on the cover of Bison World magazine for being National Bison Association’s Artist of the Year in 1997, just three years after retirement as an art teacher and pursuing a full time career as a bronze sculptor. He has produced annual awards for the NBA for several years, including the coveted Carcass Award.


Guadalupe is honored to be the commissioned artist to complete a life size bronze for the entrance to the new Game & Fish Department Headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The competition for the commission included four finalists and the completed artwork will be installed in the Spring of 2013.  See the Work in Progress for photos.

Retired dentist Dr. Dan Allegretti and his wife, Leah, have commissioned Guadalupe to create an enlargement of a bronze resembling the White Rabbit from the  Alice in Wonderland book.  The bronze will be a memorial to Dr. Allegretti’s late parents and will be installed at the Children’s Village in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens in the Summer of 2012.  See the Work in Progress page for photos.


After an absence of several years, Guadalupe has been accepted into the prestigious 2012 Sculpture in the Park show. The Show is held in Benson Park Loveland, Colorado the weekend of August 11-12, 2012.


Mr. Guadalupe Barajas is now accepting commissions for original pencil drawings of your favorite pet.  The drawings are made from a good quality photograph and can be customized with matting and framing.  Please call the studio at 307-634-5407 for more details.



Click image to enlarge!

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By Michelle Dynes
CHEYENNE - Guadalupe Barajas runs his hands over a work-in-progress.
The brown clay is molded into a stretched out Afghan Hound, but it's only the first step to create a bronze sculpture. Alongside the hound sit other projects in various stages of completion from plaster molds to hollow wax replicas.

Next Saturday he will add the Grey Wolf Gallery to his studio. The business will showcase Barajas' bronze sculptures as well as give buyers a look inside the artist's process.

"When people go to a gallery there's so much to see," he said. "At times it can be overwhelming."

The Wyoming native attended the Art Institute of Chicago to study sculpture after he graduated from East High. He then became an art instructor for the Chicago public school system. But Barajas returned to his home state to pursue sculpting full-time after he retired in 1994.

He said many of his pieces focus on wildlife and Native American heritage.
His monument of three mule deer, "Open Season," was installed in front of the Wyoming Governor's residence last year. He also earned "Best of Show"
twice at the Western Spirit Art Show.

An outstretched gloved hand prepares to catch a ball outside the softball complex at Brimmer Park. And a bronze guide dog greets guests at the entrance of the Children's Village at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, said Gallery Director Elsie Manzanares.

Barajas added that nine of his sculptures are scattered throughout Cheyenne, including Sierra Trading Post and the Health Sciences Building at Laramie County Community College.

Gallery visitors may get a chance at some point to see him at work on one of his large year-long projects. But most of the works on display at the gallery represent the smaller pieces that art fans can exhibit at home and take three months to complete.

Manzanares said buyers also can get a sense for how a sculpture looks inside a home since Barajas' home adjoins the studio. His artwork sits atop columns within his sitting room and entryway as well as his gallery.

The Gray Wolf Gallery can be reached at 634-5407 or
An open house for the gallery will be Nov.21.

Reprinted from the November 14th edition of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle with permission of Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc., copyright 2009.



A Christmas Open House for the Grey Wolf Gallery is scheduled for Saturday, December 12th from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The Open House is open to the public.  Please stop by and enjoy hot apple cider, eggnog and Christmas cookies and cakes with us.

Barajas is offering a 20% discount on purchases made during the Open House.



Click here to enlarge!An Open House of the Grey Wolf Gallery was held on November 21st.  The Open House was by invitation only and over 60 people were in attendance.  Barajas was pleased with the turnout and deemed the event a success. 

Assisting at the Open House were the owner, Mr. Guadalupe Barajas, and the Gallery Director, Ms. Elsie Manzanares.  Guadalupe would like to say ‘Thank You’ to  his brother and sister, Joe Barajas and Molly Barajas, for acting as hosts during the Open House.



Guadalupe was featured in an article in our local newspaper, the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle on November 14th.  The article was titled “Local sculptor and retired art teacher opens gallery to showcase art”.  Thank you to Michelle Dynes who came to the gallery to interview Guadalupe and Elsie for the story and to Michael Smith who photographed Guadalupe at work in the gallery.


Guadalupe Barajas takes great pride in announcing the opening of the Grey Wolf Gallery.

When Guadalupe purchased his home in South Cheyenne in 2005, his goal was to build a studio to create his artwork. In 2006 that goal was realized when his 1800 square foot studio was completed. Beginning in 2006, the building served as Guadalupe’s home studio as well as a place to exhibit his bronzes. When the economy changed in 2007, Guadalupe seriously considered opening his own gallery. As the gallery concept developed, and sales dropped at the galleries representing Guadalupe, and it became apparent that the gallery showcasing Guadalupe’s bronzes was the next step in the progression of his career.

Grey Wolf Gallery is open by appointment and is located at 2308 Division Avenue in Cheyenne. Please call 634-5407 for more information.


Guadalupe won the Joe and Mary Back Sculpture Award for "Spirits of the Open Plain" at the 60th Annual National Art Show and Sale, sponsored by The Wind River Valley Artists' Guild, in Dubois, Wyoming. Barajas also won the 1st Place ribbon for "Storyteller".


Guadalupe recently completed a wildlife mount series including an elk, mule
deer, ram, antelope and moose. The bronzes can be purchased individually or
you can enjoy a significant savings if you are interested in purchasing the complete set. See them at the "Wildlife" link on the web page.


Guadalupe is now offering two new miniature bronzes - titled "Buried Treasure" (found on the 'Wildlife' link on the web page) and "Solitude" (depicting a lone bison, photo to come). He also has more miniatures in the production phase.


"Crowning Glory", which won 1st Place Gold in 1999 from the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS), is being discontinued according to the artist. The bronze depicts the magnificent Argali wild sheep found only in Central and Northern Asia. The reduced retail price is $3,000 and there are two editions remaining (Dimensions are: 31" H x 18" W x 11" D). The artist is offering a significant discount if both editions are purchased by one buyer.



Gary and Rita Felton are collectors.  They collect heirloom antiques, potbelly stoves, cake plates, juicers, meat grinders, Native American artifacts, and paintings, to name a few of their collectibles. 

They did not, however, begin to collect bronze artwork until they saw and fell in love with “Into the New Frontier” while visiting Lander during the 2007 Heart of the West Art Show. They later added the companion piece, a Native American, titled “Ours No More”.   The Feltons also own “Solitude”, Guadalupe’s newest miniature bison bronze.

The most recent addition to their bronze collection is “Rolling Thunder”, which they saw as a work in progress at Guadalupe’s studio last year.  “Rolling Thunder” is considered by Guadalupe as his most challenging composition to date.  He feels honored that Gary and Rita have chosen his bronze artwork to decorate their beautiful new home. 

Rita, an elementary school teacher, and Gary, a locomotive engineer with the railroad, live in Torrington, Wyoming and have two grown children, Seth and Sarah.


"Russ", a life size bronze of a Labrador retriever guide dog is scheduled to be installed at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens this summer. The dog, owned by the late Wyoming State Senator John Ostlund, is a gift from Ostlund's widow, Mary

Russ was 12 when he died suddenly in 2004. After Russ died, Ostlund told his wife that Russ would be waiting to lead him home. A short time later, the senator passed away and was buried with the harness and ashes of his beloved guide.

Mrs. Ostlund commissioned artist Barajas to recreate Russ because she admired his work. A twinof "Russ" was installed at the entrance to the Guide Dog Foundation for the blind in Smithtown, New York.


Guadalupe is proud to announce that he will be represented by the Silver Sage Gallery in Dubois, Wyoming starting in June, 2009.

Guadalupe Barajas is awarded a "Bronze" proclamation by Governor Dave Freudenthal proclaiming October 2, 2008 "Guadalupe Barajas Day"

See "Open Season"


CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Cheyenne sculptor Guadalupe Barajas this week revealed the clay original of the bronze sculpture bound for the Governor's Residence in September.

The sculpture, entitled "Open Season," features three mule deer leaping in unison over a slope dotted with sage brush. At the top of the buck's antlers near the center of the sculpture, the piece stands nearly 13 feet tall.

"It is the largest and the most prestigious work that I have done,"
Barajas said as he unveiled the clay rendering to Gov. Dave and First Lady Nancy Freudenthal and members of the State Parks and Cultural Resources Department, the Wyoming Arts Council and the Governor's Residence Foundation this week.

"It is an energetic depiction of Wyoming wildlife that is absolutely appropriate for the residence," Gov. Freudenthal said.

First Lady Nancy Freudenthal called the sculpture a "perfect piece"
for the Governor's residence.

"The buck has strong and beautiful lines," she said. "But the doe and yearling are my favorite pieces in the overall sculpture - they're interesting, delicate and feminine. It will truly define the front of the residence in a way that we could not have achieved with plantings or archways."

The process of choosing an artist to create the piece started several years ago, the First Lady said.

The Wyoming Arts Council set up a process for artists to submit portfolios and Barajas was selected as one of three finalists from a group of 20 Wyoming sculptors.

The three finalists were asked to submit clay maquettes of sculptures featuring one or all of these four native Wyoming animals: antelope, elk, bighorn sheep and mule deer. The artists were asked to create pieces that were large enough to be seen from the highway, were aesthetically pleasing from all angles and showed animals in motion.

Selecting the final choice was extremely difficult, the First Lady said.

"This piece really appealed to Dave," she said. "He grew up on a farm near Thermopolis where there were mule deer out in the fields all the time. And for me it was the same where I grew up in Cody."

The full-sized clay of "Open Season" is more than 90 percent Styrofoam, Barajas said, and will be used to create molds for the casting of the bronze sculpture. The sculpture is slightly larger than life with the animals depicted at one and one-quarter size.

Expected to weigh more than 3,000-pounds when completed, the sculpture will sit at the center of a roundabout on the northwest side of the residence, across from the main public entrance.

After months of casting the sculpture in 40 to 60 pieces and seamlessly welding them together, the piece will be ready for installation in September, Barajas said. It will require little to no maintenance once installed.

"It's wonderful to work with this Wyoming artist," Nancy Freudenthal said. "The pride he takes in his work is apparent."


In 2008, Guadalupe won the following awards:

  • Best of Show AND Best Sculpture for "Spirits of the Open Plain" at the Western Spirit Art Show and Sale held in Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Best of Show 3-D for "Reflections" at the Platte Valley Festival of the Arts held in Saratoga, Wyoming
  • Best of Show 3-D for "Trail of the Iron Horse" at the Wild Horse & Western Art Show held in Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • People's Choice for "Designed for Speed " at the Douglas Invitational Art Show and Sale in Douglas, Wyoming
  • 1st Place in Sculpture for "Unsung Heroes" and 2nd Place in Sculpture for "The First Snowfall" at the RSVP Senior Art Fest held in Cheyenne, Wyoming


In 2008, Guadalupe was awarded the following commissions:

  • Fourteen editions of “Tatanka” (a bison bronze) were purchased by Investment Centers of America as awards for its top executives for 2007



Guadalupe was featured in Around Cheyenne magazine in its November 2008 issue. Visit their website at to read the article in the Entertainment Section on Page 85.


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